I’m a regular at a yoga class in the burbs of Brisbane (at the awesome www.soulfit.com.au – big fan!) and today the subject of ego came up.

We talk about ego often in yoga right? Working to your own pace, dropping the ego, thanking your body for all that it achieves in a class, making no judgment etc. But today we got onto the subject of Yoga, Ego and Sex. Y.E.S.!

Since starting regular yoga classes in 2011, I aim to practice at least once a week. The gorgeous Barbara inspired me greatly in a little community hall in the High Peak (www.barbarahastings-asatourian.co.uk/wp/) and after attending a couple of Donna’s classes in Todmorden with a friend (http://www.ashtangayogaleeds.com), I was hooked on the flow of Ashtanga. Yoga keeps me well, in 100% of my body. It benefits me physically, it keeps me in tune with my bones and my muscles and it takes my mind to a very healthy place for at least an hour a week.

But one of the added benefits of yoga is undoubtedly increased flexibility … which of course has its benefits in the bedroom. And I find myself increasingly attracted to other yogis. I have yet to meet a female teacher who I didn’t feel a natural inclination to be more connected to. I love practicing alongside my friends and enjoying the union of breath and body. And as a heterosexual female, a man who knows his downward dog from his pigeon pose, and who cares enough about his body and mind to dedicate time to practice yoga, comes with automatic sex appeal in my book!

So how does ego fit in? Well the conversation in todays class was about a male yoga teacher who had enjoyed the benefits of a harem of flexible women, and was steadily, sexually making his way through said harem, with a tag line of “they should count themselves lucky that they get to practice with me.”

Apart from the inherent sexism in this guy’s thinking and his clear disregard for the roles that teachers and students play in a space of learning, he is obviously having a hard time leaving his ego at the door.

It does, however, shine a spotlight on the fact that our yoga teachers are human. And sometimes, as silly as it sounds, this can be difficult to believe. They are so super zen, speak words of wisdom whenever we engage with them (Mr E. Go being the exception that proves the rule) and take us to a place that no-one else can.

Have I ever wanted to screw any of my yoga teachers? Hell YES! Does their flexibility and muscle control add to their sex appeal? Hell YES! And am I happy to (temporarily at least) dwell in ignorant bliss, suspending the fact that yoga teachers do actually have ego issues that make them a little bit more human than my imagination might allow for? YES YES YES!!!

YES! YES! YES! Yogasmic Confessions

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