Ginga Ninja – my new favourite accessory

A juice to match your hair colour? Hell yes!

As a ranga / fanta pants / ginger / redhead, my hair colour has been with me all of my life. Now this is nothing unusual you might say – everyone has hair of a certain colour. Even if you’re bald, you still have hair somewhere!

But what I mean is that other people have made it their job to make me acutely aware what colour my hair is for most of my post-pubescent life.

Remember “Remember Me” by Blue Boy (here … if you need a gentle reminder). Well Micky Polit thought it would be really good fun to follow me around at school and sing ‘ging gigiging ging gigiging’ on repeat for a good 6 months.

It’s automatically assumed that I have many personality traits (feisty, firey etc) simply because of the colour of my hair.

It’s taken me a number of years to fall in love with my mop, but head-over-heels smitten I now am and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a ranga!!

So imagine my joy when I found a gorgeous juice that not only tastes delicious, but it matches my wig too?!!!! Introducing the Ginga Ninja!




And because it’s packed so full of awesomeness, it totally gives you super powers. So watch out Micky P … this Ninja’s on fire!!

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