Kinesiology – it’s like psychology on speed

It’s always a good day when I have a Kinesiology appointment. I feel stronger, clearer about my path, more confident on my journey. Kinesiology is some serious good shit.

In layman’s terms, Kinesiology is based on the fact that the body knows exactly what it needs to heal itself. Whether it be emotional, physical, spiritual or some other kind of healing – your body knows what you need. Kinesiology taps into this messaging that we’re too busy to listen to in every day life. If you think about it, we’re actually quite disconnected from our bodies as we go about our day to day business … we’re not consciously in control of when we have an emotional reaction to something for example, or when our body responds to pain or disease in some way. Kinesiology taps into these messages.

My Kinesiologist is awesome. She’s honest, authentic, comfortably ‘naked’ (to use her terminology about herself). She’s called Beanie and, with her partner Nicola, runs the fabulous Soulfit health and wellness institute. Between them, as friends and guiders, they have changed my life. Namaste ladies.

So what happens in a Kinesi session? Well you chat for a bit about whatever the issue is that you’re presenting with that day, then you hop onto a massage bed and you let your body answer all the questions. When the Kinesiologist asks your body what’s going on, it responds, automatically, with a muscular response. From pressure on the top of the hand, just above the wrist, your arm either drops to the bed beside you or stays up in the air … it’s your body’s way of answering either yes or no.

I’ll explain exactly how that plays out by sharing a bit about my session today. I have two clear purposes in life … 1) to make the world a more humane place through my work (I work in arts and community and have a strong sense of human rights) … this purpose is absolutely on track and being fulfilled. Purpose 2) is to nurture a wonderful little tribe. To grow authentic, honest little people and to nurture them to continue to make the world a better place for all human beings. To do that, I’d like to find someone who would like to do that with me. And this is the purpose that I’m currently working towards in my life.

Obviously finding the right guy to do that with is a crucial part of the puzzle. And it goes beyond just wanting a life partner. It’s my belief that the universe will ensure that me and this gentleman cross paths. It’s a belief that our souls are already connected. And that when we meet, it will be clear to both of us that this is our purpose in each other’s lives. Why do I know that for sure? Because when I ask the universe to provide me with an easy parking spot, she does. So I know I can ask the universe for anything, and it will be provided, in abundance. 

A card showing an illustration of a figure floating in water, with the caption "Going with the Flow"What’s more, recently someone walked into my life who was nearly that guy. He was a thunderbolt moment. Our souls were connected long ago. We were both blown away by the connection we had from the word go. His path has physically taken him to a new continent though. And so we now walk separate paths.

So todays Kinesi session was about the fact that I know this will be the case, but I’m an impatient mother fucker … and so how do I let go and let the universe ensure everything happens exactly as it should? How do I really trust? How do I learn to float, to just go with the flow?

What comes up initially in my session is around protection – I’m emotionally protecting myself, because I’ve been burnt in the past, because I’ve given heaps before and relationships have been unequal. My heart is crazy open though, and I’m ready to be knocked sideways by ‘that guy’. But everything is existing at arms length. This totally makes sense. I’ve been visualising things at arms length in recent meditations. And it’s confused me. Why, if I’m ready and my heart is open, can’t I bring this closer?

Next we move onto looking at organs and my heart is coming up as experiencing stress. My heart is holding 76% stress. I’m having a physical reaction to an emotional problem. All because my Kinesiologist asks me some questions and my arm either stays up in the air, or drops to the bed beside me – that’s how simple the process is. I’ve been experiencing anxiety at really odd moments – after meditation or a swim, when I’m feeling really calm. Again, this all totally makes sense. I’m causing myself additional stress, trying to protect myself.

So we work on that stress. On finding where that comes from. It comes from my past (doesn’t everything?!). By going back from my current age of 33, we find that it’s linked with something that happened when I was 28. What happened that year? A year of depression and some really deep healing. The first time I really began to work on myself. We discover that it’s clogging my Sacral Chakra – the key to relationships and honouring self and others. So we clear that. How? I have my hand on my forehead, I sit on the bed, and my Kinesiologist rotates a crystal near my lower back to clear the clog.

But there’s still more work to do. Meridian points. We work on them. We work through everything. And this is something that I love about Kinesiology – it recognises that the body is a whole, and that everything is connected – that we should work on ourselves holistically.

I’m over simplifying the process – todays session was an hour and we covered so much. Essentially, I’ve been waiting for this thunderbolt moment to happen with ‘that guy’, but then I’m equally (if not more) apprehensive of this thunderbolt (in fact so apprehensive that it’s causing my heart 76% stress). So naturally, I’m really not resonating at the right level for this to happen. Consciously, I’m putting out the message to the universe of being ready for ‘that guy’ to enter stage right. But on a cellular level, my body is going ‘holy shit balls, I’m petrified of this actually happening.’

By the end of the session, I’m thinking, feeling and resonating the fact that when ‘that guy’ crosses my path, I’ll go ‘ok, this is cool’ and enjoy what will be, without totally loosing my shit in the process. Essentially, without loosing me. Without compromising my self worth.

I am, unapologetically, the most important person in my life. I want to be the best possible me. That’s why I have my two very clear purposes in life. I hold my self worth above anything else. It’s not selfish, it’s now the only way I can be.

So to me, someone who’s sat in dimly lit rooms many a time and really benefited from heaps of counselling and psychological support, Kinesiology feels like that process but on speed. It’s like growth to the power of infinity. Your body does the work for you. Sure you have to be open and willing to explore stuff. You also have to find a shit hot Kinesiologist (and didn’t I just land on my little happy feet). But then you are quite literally flying.

So what is Kinesiology? Essentially … It’s so much more powerful at altering the body or mind than any drug, and there’s never a come down.


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