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Kinesiology – it’s like psychology on speed

It’s always a good day when I have a Kinesiology appointment. I feel stronger, clearer about my path, more confident on my journey. Kinesiology is some serious good shit.

In layman’s terms, Kinesiology is based on the fact that the body knows exactly what it needs to heal itself. Whether it be emotional, physical, spiritual or some other kind of healing – your body knows what you need. Kinesiology taps into this messaging that we’re too busy to listen to in every day life. If you think about it, we’re actually quite disconnected from our bodies as we go about our day to day business … we’re not consciously in control of when we have an emotional reaction to something for example, or when our body responds to pain or disease in some way. Kinesiology taps into these messages.

My Kinesiologist is awesome. She’s honest, authentic, comfortably ‘naked’ (to use her terminology about herself). She’s called Beanie and, with her partner Nicola, runs the fabulous Soulfit health and wellness institute. Between them, as friends and guiders, they have changed my life. Namaste ladies.

So what happens in a Kinesi session? Well you chat for a bit about whatever the issue is that you’re presenting with that day, then you hop onto a massage bed and you let your body answer all the questions. When the Kinesiologist asks your body what’s going on, it responds, automatically, with a muscular response. From pressure on the top of the hand, just above the wrist, your arm either drops to the bed beside you or stays up in the air … it’s your body’s way of answering either yes or no.

I’ll explain exactly how that plays out by sharing a bit about my session today. I have two clear purposes in life … 1) to make the world a more humane place through my work (I work in arts and community and have a strong sense of human rights) … this purpose is absolutely on track and being fulfilled. Purpose 2) is to nurture a wonderful little tribe. To grow authentic, honest little people and to nurture them to continue to make the world a better place for all human beings. To do that, I’d like to find someone who would like to do that with me. And this is the purpose that I’m currently working towards in my life.

Obviously finding the right guy to do that with is a crucial part of the puzzle. And it goes beyond just wanting a life partner. It’s my belief that the universe will ensure that me and this gentleman cross paths. It’s a belief that our souls are already connected. And that when we meet, it will be clear to both of us that this is our purpose in each other’s lives. Why do I know that for sure? Because when I ask the universe to provide me with an easy parking spot, she does. So I know I can ask the universe for anything, and it will be provided, in abundance. 

A card showing an illustration of a figure floating in water, with the caption "Going with the Flow"What’s more, recently someone walked into my life who was nearly that guy. He was a thunderbolt moment. Our souls were connected long ago. We were both blown away by the connection we had from the word go. His path has physically taken him to a new continent though. And so we now walk separate paths.

So todays Kinesi session was about the fact that I know this will be the case, but I’m an impatient mother fucker … and so how do I let go and let the universe ensure everything happens exactly as it should? How do I really trust? How do I learn to float, to just go with the flow?

What comes up initially in my session is around protection – I’m emotionally protecting myself, because I’ve been burnt in the past, because I’ve given heaps before and relationships have been unequal. My heart is crazy open though, and I’m ready to be knocked sideways by ‘that guy’. But everything is existing at arms length. This totally makes sense. I’ve been visualising things at arms length in recent meditations. And it’s confused me. Why, if I’m ready and my heart is open, can’t I bring this closer?

Next we move onto looking at organs and my heart is coming up as experiencing stress. My heart is holding 76% stress. I’m having a physical reaction to an emotional problem. All because my Kinesiologist asks me some questions and my arm either stays up in the air, or drops to the bed beside me – that’s how simple the process is. I’ve been experiencing anxiety at really odd moments – after meditation or a swim, when I’m feeling really calm. Again, this all totally makes sense. I’m causing myself additional stress, trying to protect myself.

So we work on that stress. On finding where that comes from. It comes from my past (doesn’t everything?!). By going back from my current age of 33, we find that it’s linked with something that happened when I was 28. What happened that year? A year of depression and some really deep healing. The first time I really began to work on myself. We discover that it’s clogging my Sacral Chakra – the key to relationships and honouring self and others. So we clear that. How? I have my hand on my forehead, I sit on the bed, and my Kinesiologist rotates a crystal near my lower back to clear the clog.

But there’s still more work to do. Meridian points. We work on them. We work through everything. And this is something that I love about Kinesiology – it recognises that the body is a whole, and that everything is connected – that we should work on ourselves holistically.

I’m over simplifying the process – todays session was an hour and we covered so much. Essentially, I’ve been waiting for this thunderbolt moment to happen with ‘that guy’, but then I’m equally (if not more) apprehensive of this thunderbolt (in fact so apprehensive that it’s causing my heart 76% stress). So naturally, I’m really not resonating at the right level for this to happen. Consciously, I’m putting out the message to the universe of being ready for ‘that guy’ to enter stage right. But on a cellular level, my body is going ‘holy shit balls, I’m petrified of this actually happening.’

By the end of the session, I’m thinking, feeling and resonating the fact that when ‘that guy’ crosses my path, I’ll go ‘ok, this is cool’ and enjoy what will be, without totally loosing my shit in the process. Essentially, without loosing me. Without compromising my self worth.

I am, unapologetically, the most important person in my life. I want to be the best possible me. That’s why I have my two very clear purposes in life. I hold my self worth above anything else. It’s not selfish, it’s now the only way I can be.

So to me, someone who’s sat in dimly lit rooms many a time and really benefited from heaps of counselling and psychological support, Kinesiology feels like that process but on speed. It’s like growth to the power of infinity. Your body does the work for you. Sure you have to be open and willing to explore stuff. You also have to find a shit hot Kinesiologist (and didn’t I just land on my little happy feet). But then you are quite literally flying.

So what is Kinesiology? Essentially … It’s so much more powerful at altering the body or mind than any drug, and there’s never a come down.


Solitude is Happiness

This weekend I spent most of my time doing nothing, by myself, at the pool. Mainly because last week took me to Sydney. A week of conferences and meetings for work. Important people, heaps of information, time with some good colleagues.

It also involved drinking every night, socialising and being surrounded by people almost every waking moment.

As with most of these things, I find myself learning a fair bit about myself – and so this week I learnt I actually don’t like being around people, all of the time. I love my own company. I love my own space. Solitude is happiness. Having experienced some ups and downs lately, this is a huge learn for me. Being happy by myself is wonderful.

I find the company of large groups of people really quite stress-inducing. Being surrounded by large groups of near-strangers makes me feel lonely.

Swimming pool with city viewAnd so now I’m back in my own place, chilling out, doing my own thing – and now the quiet and peace is taking time to get used to again.

But I’m also feeling smug. A quick google search led me here:

“… emerging research suggests that rather than run from solitude we should actively seek it out, as it can improve mood, creativity and memory, and lower stress and agitation.”

Taken from Why Being Alone Means Keeping Good Company

It’s one thing to be alone, but another altogether to disconnect and be still. Being alone we can still watch TV, trawl Facebook and Twitter, engage with the ‘outside’ world in some way. But stillness takes solitude to a whole new level.

A good friend recently told me to meditate every day. For at least 20 mins. So I did (apart from last week where I couldn’t keep my body upright for long enough without falling asleep). And it’s this stillness that has really brought me peace and happiness in solitude.

If you’re not sure how to meditate, just sit and breathe in and out. Do it for about 20 minutes. There’s no magic way to meditate or some formula to it – it’s about slowing down, and bringing clarity to thoughts. I tend not to move thoughts out like many people suggest, but rather go with what comes to me and spend time considering the issues that arise. 9 times out of 10, I’ll find a light bulb moment where I find the solution to an ongoing problem or a greater understanding of why I’m feeling the way I do. So there’s no magic way to meditate, but it does sometimes feel a bit like magic!

Enlightenment – it’s not a lightbulb moment

I had some friends over for dinner on Saturday and as often happens when I’m surrounded by fellow happy hippies, the conversation eventually turns to spirituality and enlightenment … essentially, what the f**k is enlightenment and how do we know when we reach it.

People often talk about the ‘big bang’ theory of enlightenment. That it hits you. And you know. But I disagree.

The Free Dictionary describes enlightenment as “A blessed state in which the individual transcends desire and suffering and attains Nirvana.” Sounds pretty good right?!

But let’s look at this from a practical view point. I’ve gained some of my biggest life lessons from my own suffering, my own challenges. My desire to succeed, and support others to do the same, helps me to achieve change in the areas of human rights that I believe in most. So part of me quite likes desire and suffering.

Enlightenment to me is like this mystical place where suddenly you no longer see the problems of the world, you can respond to everything in a calm, empathetic way and that fire of anger never rises in your belly again. That also sounds a bit like being numb.

Having said all of that, as Jonathan Mead on his site Paid to Exist says:

“The great Enlightened masters (Christ, Buddha, Moses, Lao Tzu, and many others), did not become Enlightened and retreat into a cave. They did not merely transcend their egos. They became great big egos. They engaged life completely and fearlessly and shook the earth from its very foundation. They did not seek Enlightenment as an escape from life, but as a means to live more completely.”

So I think the Free Dictionary may be wrong … or my assumptions about what Nirvana is may be wrong.

Either way, I’m not hanging around waiting for some kind of light bulb moment, or big enlightenment bang. I’m gonna do what Buddha and his mates did … and go shake the earth!



Ginga Ninja – my new favourite accessory

A juice to match your hair colour? Hell yes!

As a ranga / fanta pants / ginger / redhead, my hair colour has been with me all of my life. Now this is nothing unusual you might say – everyone has hair of a certain colour. Even if you’re bald, you still have hair somewhere!

But what I mean is that other people have made it their job to make me acutely aware what colour my hair is for most of my post-pubescent life.

Remember “Remember Me” by Blue Boy (here … if you need a gentle reminder). Well Micky Polit thought it would be really good fun to follow me around at school and sing ‘ging gigiging ging gigiging’ on repeat for a good 6 months.

It’s automatically assumed that I have many personality traits (feisty, firey etc) simply because of the colour of my hair.

It’s taken me a number of years to fall in love with my mop, but head-over-heels smitten I now am and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a ranga!!

So imagine my joy when I found a gorgeous juice that not only tastes delicious, but it matches my wig too?!!!! Introducing the Ginga Ninja!




And because it’s packed so full of awesomeness, it totally gives you super powers. So watch out Micky P … this Ninja’s on fire!!

Hi Honey, I’m on Holiday

Is it really possible to feel like you’re on holiday all of the time? Yes! How do I know? Because that’s how I live my life.

Let me tell you a story. A few years ago I bought a house. Not an unusual thing for a woman in her late 20’s to do. It was the first house I saw. I did view 2 more. That was a waste of time. As soon as I’d seen the first place, I knew I was home on holidays.

I used to walk down to the local shops (2 minutes round the corner) and feel like I was on holidays. Whether I was in flip-flops and a maxi-dress, waterproofs and welly boots, or my ski jacket and hiking boots. I always felt like I was on holidays.

So when I recently went to view some new apartments, and I walked into what is now my gorgeous little unit for the first time, I knew immediately when I was home on holiday. I lie by the pool overlooking the gorgeous Brisbane ‘CBD’ (Central Business District … centre of town if you’re not Australian!), and feel like I’m on holiday. But I do this every day of my life now. I cycle to work and feel like I’m on holiday. But that’s my regular commute. And I look out of my window every morning to see the sun rise out of the ocean and can literally feel the world turning. It’s like magic. Only it’s the way I start every day.

So if you’re still reading this and you haven’t got sick of me going on about my holiday life style, you’re probably thinking ‘well it’s alright for you, you live in Australia and have this awesome lifestyle. I could never do that’. Well you’re wrong.

Let me explain a few things. My salary comes in at being in the lower third of Australian earnings. My last job in the UK brought in £26k / year. I’m not rich. I don’t earn mega bucks. But yes, I have a gorgeous apartment with a pool that has river views.

How? By making choices. And that’s the key thing – you can have anything you want. You can be anywhere you want to be. You are only limited by your own vision of your potential. And your willingness to compromise some of the little things to achieve the big stuff.

If you to get a want an apartment with a pool in Brisbane where it feels like every day is a holiday, you can have it. Here’s how …

  • Work out what it is that makes you feel like you’re on holiday. Is it freedom? Is it a break from routine? Is it sunshine? Write down the things that give you that gorgeous blissful holiday vibe.
  • Carefully begin to redesign your life so you build in everything on that list. If it’s sunshine, and you live in a place where there is none, change that. If it’s a break from routine, then find a job that lets you work your own hours or better still, work out what you’re awesome at and make it into a business so you are your own boss.
  • Evaluate, change, grow. This is a process. You may not achieve that feeling straight off. Don’t give up. I’m just an everyday human being and I can achieve it. That means you can too.

And just to get those inspirational holiday juices flowing, imagine walking into these places, kicking off your shoes, smiling at that feeling of bliss and saying “Hi honey, I’m home!”


Images via www.pinterest.com 

Eat Your Lipstick!

I’m serious … would you eat your lipstick? Your blusher? Your foundation? No? Why not? You make your skin eat it every day!

Just like sweat comes out through the pores of your skin, so everything you put on your skin sinks in … your skin eats it.

So have a look at what ingredients go into your make up. Because you could be doing all the exercise and healthy eating in the world, if you’re still covering your skin with toxins and feeding it poison, it ain’t gonna do you any good!

It might be a bit more expensive to buy ‘naturally’ made products, but then that’s probably because man-made synthetics can be mass-produced much cheaper than ‘real stuff’. ‘Real stuff’ takes time to grow, develop and combine to ultimately make you look pretty. ‘Real stuff’ involves a bit more care and attention. With ‘real stuff’, you can’t just add this or that, or modify with x, y and z. You have to keep it real.

There’s plenty of options out there and more and more, these options are coming to the high street or are easily available online. But it’s a bit of a challenge at first, especially when something claims to be natural and ethical, but then you read the ingredients and it appears to be full of crap!

I’m a big fan of www.shopnaturally.com.au – they not only list make-up, but all kinds of other products too. A great place to start navigating new brands and getting to know what should and shouldn’t be on our skin and in our bodies.

Happy shopping! And happy eating!!