Eat Your Lipstick!!

I’m serious … would you eat your lipstick? Your blusher? Your foundation? No? Why not? You make your skin eat it every day!

Just like sweat comes out through the pores of your skin, so everything you put on your skin sinks in … your skin eats it.

So have a look at what ingredients go into your make up. Because you could be doing all the exercise and healthy eating in the world, if you’re still covering your skin with toxins and feeding it poison, it ain’t gonna do you any good!

It might be a bit more expensive to buy ‘naturally’ made products, but then that’s probably because man-made synthetics can be mass-produced much cheaper than ‘real stuff’. ‘Real stuff’ takes time to grow, develop and combine to ultimately make you look pretty. ‘Real stuff’ involves a bit more care and attention. With ‘real stuff’, you can’t just add this or that, or modify with x, y and z. You have to keep it real.

There’s plenty of options out there and more and more, these options are coming to the high street or are easily available online. But it’s a bit of a challenge at first, especially when something claims to be natural and ethical, but then you read the ingredients and it appears to be full of crap!

I’m a big fan of – they not only list make-up, but all kinds of other products too. A great place to start navigating new brands and getting to know what should and shouldn’t be on our skin and in our bodies.

Happy shopping! And happy eating!!