Hi Honey, I’m on Holiday!!

Is it really possible to feel like you’re on holiday all of the time? Yes! How do I know? Because that’s how I live my life.

Let me tell you a story. A few years ago I bought a house. Not an unusual thing for a woman in her late 20’s to do. It was the first house I saw. I did view 2 more. That was a waste of time. As soon as I’d seen the first place, I knew I was home on holidays.

I used to walk down to the local shops (2 minutes round the corner) and feel like I was on holidays. Whether I was in flip-flops and a maxi-dress, waterproofs and welly boots, or my ski jacket and hiking boots. I always felt like I was on holidays.

So when I recently went to view some new apartments, and I walked into what is now my gorgeous little unit for the first time, I knew immediately when I was home on holiday. I lie by the pool overlooking the gorgeous Brisbane ‘CBD’ (Central Business District … centre of town if you’re not Australian!), and feel like I’m on holiday. But I do this every day of my life now. I cycle to work and feel like I’m on holiday. But that’s my regular commute. And I look out of my window every morning to see the sun rise out of the ocean and can literally feel the world turning. It’s like magic. Only it’s the way I start every day.

So if you’re still reading this and you haven’t got sick of me going on about my holiday life style, you’re probably thinking ‘well it’s alright for you, you live in Australia and have this awesome lifestyle. I could never do that’. Well you’re wrong.

Let me explain a few things. My salary comes in at being in the lower third of Australian earnings. My last job in the UK brought in £26k / year. I’m not rich. I don’t earn mega bucks. But yes, I have a gorgeous apartment with a pool that has river views.

How? By making choices. And that’s the key thing – you can have anything you want. You can be anywhere you want to be. You are only limited by your own vision of your potential. And your willingness to compromise some of the little things to achieve the big stuff.

If you to get a want an apartment with a pool in Brisbane where it feels like every day is a holiday, you can have it. Here’s how …

  • Work out what it is that makes you feel like you’re on holiday. Is it freedom? Is it a break from routine? Is it sunshine? Write down the things that give you that gorgeous blissful holiday vibe.
  • Carefully begin to redesign your life so you build in everything on that list. If it’s sunshine, and you live in a place where there is none, change that. If it’s a break from routine, then find a job that lets you work your own hours or better still, work out what you’re awesome at and make it into a business so you are your own boss.
  • Evaluate, change, grow. This is a process. You may not achieve that feeling straight off. Don’t give up. I’m just an everyday human being and I can achieve it. That means you can too.

And just to get those inspirational holiday juices flowing, imagine walking into these places, kicking off your shoes, smiling at that feeling of bliss and saying “Hi honey, I’m home!”


Images via www.pinterest.com