Interest Free Health – nothing to pay for 6 months and a money back guarantee!

I’m increasingly interested in our credit hungry lifestyles. We can get so much on finance or credit these days that you could probably have $0 in the bank and still kit out a 4 bed family home, throw in a brand new car and top it all off with a round the world trip for 2. So how is this ‘have it all’ lifestyle affecting our approach to health?

There’s no easy fix to health and fitness. If you want to look after your body you have to put time and effort in. You have to exercise, eat well, listen to where your body is at and respond.

Yet still we are sold on this idea of a quick fix. An interest free loan to health. A pill. A no-effort diet. A 4 week plan. A milkshake. A pair of shoes. An exercise machine. It’s no wonder the Atkins Diet was so popular when it hit our tiny minds … eat heaps of stuff that you thought was bad for you and still loose weight? Hell yeah!

But let’s be honest. It doesn’t really work. How many people’s weight yoyo’d on the Atkins Diet? I know it did with every single one of my friends who tried it. How many people have got their ‘bikini’ body by wearing shoes that apparently tone you up with every step (without breaking a sweat)? And show me the millions of people who, after taking a pill every day, now look like a supermodel.

They. Don’t. Work.

There is no interest free loan to health. There is no quick fix for fitness. The very concept of achieving your you-topia on credit is utter crap.

So not only does your health and fitness take time and effort. You have to work at it whilst being bombarded with lies about ways to achieve your goals quicker, easier and with less effort. No wonder it’s so frickin’ hard!!

The first and main hurdle is getting to grips with the fact that there is no health credit. Truly accept and acknowledge that reality and it will get you a long way. In fact, if you can fully accept that (and believe me I still struggle sometimes … remember all the lie-bombarding?!!!) you’re half way there. You’re 50% fitter and healthier. The rest is a piece of (raw) cake!