Language Warning!

This one’s not for the faint hearted … I recently discovered the delightful Jessie Reimers. She describes herself as … “an Activist, Writer, Researcher, Public Speaker, Blogger, Mum of Two Boys, Partner to Dan the Man, Aspie, Professional Swearer, Truth Seeker and General Badass” … and from the moment I fell onto her Get a Fresh Start website I also fell in love!

Jessie is incredibly passionate. She makes some of the technical mumbo-jumbo around nutrition really easy to digest, which for people like me who struggle to separate their polyun-whatsits from their quin-chais, is really useful! She’s all about debunking the myths around food and medicine and re-examining the motivation behind the decisions made by profit-making pharmaceutical companies, as well as including a whole section on birthing and sharing her own journey.

I find Jessie really inspirational because she clearly puts so much of herself into her blogs. She’s someone who does her research and then stands up and shouts (really blooming loudly!!) for what she believes in. And she’s not afraid to challenge huge organisations like the Heart Foundation. Why? Because she believes in better!

How often do we gag ourselves because we think we might upset the status quo? Or because others might think we’re a bit ‘out there’ for sharing ideas that don’t fit with what everyone else round the BBQ (insert UK equivalent here) is thinking? And so if we’re all doing that, to different degrees, how much amazing debate and ideas sharing are we missing out on? The world needs radical thinkers and those that challenge the norm. It keeps it turning!

If language easily offends, Jessie probably isn’t really your cup of tea. Me? I think she’s f**king awesome.